We Pay For Your Opinion!

We Pay For Your Opinion!

We Pay For Your Opinion!

Your time is valuable, and don’t we know it! So, it is standard to compensate participants who participate in every type of marketing research. The amount and type of compensation we provide varies from project to project.

Qualitative Rewards

Rewards for projects are typically given to participants in the form of a check. If the research is in-person, that is, the type where you travel to a location or someone interviews you in your home, you are typically paid at the conclusion of the research. If the research is by phone interview or in an online format, you will receive a check within six weeks.

Occasionally, participants will be rewarded with a type of incentive other than a check. Whatever the reward type is, this will be made clear in the invitation, during the screening, and in your project confirmation. As your time is valuable, we only want you to participate when you both enjoy the process of sharing, and you feel that you understood the compensation from the beginning.

Online Rewards

Rewards for online surveys are given using Focus Forward Points, which can be seen in your Member Account. When your account reaches 20,000 points, you can redeem those 20,000 points for $20 in the form of a check mailed to you. Every 1,000 points equates to $1.00.

Some projects have individual rewards that will be sent to you for just that project. These rewards will not show up in your member accounts. These can be cash, gift cards, gift baskets, products, or an array of other possible rewards. With all projects, you will know the rewards before you agree to participate. These other types of rewards will take up to six weeks for you to receive.

Online Survey Sweepstakes

Each time you complete a full survey, you receive at least one monthly sweepstakes entry. These entries accumulate. Each month, Focus Forward awards and publishes the winners of the 7 prizes. These prizes are one 250,000 point winner, one 100,000 point winner, one 50,000 point winner and four winners of 25,000. Winners are contacted via email, and the award is deposited into their user account in the form of points. Please see the official rules for additional information.